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                              TO BOARDING YOUR PETS."
                Anne Scherer and Laura Zeles - Co Owners      
                                 Serving the Kentuckiana Area
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PET SITTING (All visits include potty break, feedings, water change, love and playtime).
                         *$35 -  per day for 1 dog (up to 3 visits)                                              *$50 -  per day for 2-3 dogs (up to 3 visits)
                                 * $5 additional charge for 4 or more dogs.
     Prices may be customized depending of the geographical
location and any particular needs.  Prices can be adjusted for pets
                                   other than dogs. 
                         Dog walking -$5 per day
      Bring in mail, newspapers, turning lights off/on - FREE
                              OPTIONAL SERVICES    
      * Transportation to vet/groomer - $20 plus mileage
      * Wait time at vet/groomer - $10 per hour
      * Poop pick up/ litter box clean up - one time $10 fee
      * Dog bath - up to $25 pounds - $10
      *Dog bath - 25+ pounds - $25
      *Key return by mail - $5
                                 Proud Members Of
       Quality Pet Service While Giving You Peace Of Mind!

Here is a list of your testimonials

" Annie Lou's Pet Sitting is incredible. No need to worry about your pets living in a kennel, they can live in the comfort of their own home.  The personal care and attention to details will make your pets feel like they are on vacation too!  My dogs are never going back to a kennel again."

Lynn B.

New Albany, IN

" Annie Lou's Pet Sitting Service has been a godsend for our family. Leaving our furry family members used to induce anxiety, but not any more. Owners Laura and Anne love on our four dogs and cat with the same care and kindness that we do, and we refer them to those seeking a pet sitter every chance we get.  Trust us: There's no one better!."

Angie Fenton

New Albany, IN

"This is Penny!  When Penny was born I called Laura Z. because I knew her love for animals as well as her knowledge of them.  Penny was the runt of the litter of 6 and was not getting the opportunity to feed like the others.  Eventually he was being pushed away from the other puppies. Due to my work schedule, I knew I couldn't take care of him properly. I called Laura and and she met me at my door and took Penny.  She fed him every 2 hours and kept him under lights to keep him warm. Our little premie Penny was loved on by Laura for days. She was holding him as he took his last breath.  She called me in tears and I found out how much she loved Penny when she brought him to me.  He was tucked away comfortably wrapped in a blanket.  I knew he was placed there with lots of LOVE.  Thanks, Laura you are amazing with your love for God's animals."

Veronica Cook

Jeffersonville, IN

"Laura has always taken care of my animals when I travel out of the country for several days. She does a wonderful job taking care of all sorts of animals. We have a bird, several dogs and cats and she handles everything with comfort and ease when I check in with her.  Everything is always perfect when I return. The dogs love her and she really enjoys taking care of them. I would recommend her to any pet lover!"

Karen Wheeler

Jeffersonville, IN

"This is Anne S. with my baby Baxter.  Baxter was the brother of premie Penny.  Anne and Laura have been my go to girls for all of my puppy questions. Oh yes, this is my first puppy. My family was able to go to King's Island with Baxter being cared for by Anne.  She let him sleep in while we left early and she came by to pick him up for a play date with her dogs at her house.  Baxter had a blast.  She sent us a video of him playing in the backyard with her dogs.  It made my day at King's Island even better.  When you know your baby is being cared for you can relax and enjoy yourself.  Baxter continues to recognize Anne when she stops by to visit. Anne is great with Baxter and her knowledge for animals is amazing.  Thanks Anne for your love for Baxter."

Veronica Cook

Jeffersonville, IN

"I have used Anne Scherer to watch my dog Zoie who is basically a miniature Black Lab (35 lbs).  Zoie is a VERY active dog who is constantly on high alert for squirrels and rabbits.  She can typically go about 8 hours between potty breaks, but she loves the outdoors (fenced in backyard).  Due to business travel commitments, I've used Anne to help keep my pooch happy and active while I am away.  Anne not only allows Zoie time to play outdoors, but will take her on walks, make sure she's got fresh food and water, gives her extra TLC before she leaves, etc.  I prefer Zoie to stay at home in an envirnoment that she enjoys instead of boarding her with lots of other dogs where she is not permitted to roam freely.  I highly recommend using this new business venture."

Michael Scott

Charlestown, IN

"Awesome job!! Thanks!!"

Carol H.

Louisville, KY

"You don't know how much I needed your services.  It was great! I will let everyone I know that has dogs about your services."



Joy V.

Louisville, KY

"Excellent! My babies are so happy and so is their Mama!"

Cindy Q.

Sellersburg, IN

"You followed through on all you said you would do and more!  It was wonderful to get a few updates while I was away and I felt the doggies were very well taken care of and they were.  You eased my mind tremendously and I thank you for your loving care of my doggie family."

Bonnie A.

Louisville, KY

"I gave your business card to my mother-in-law!"

Tonya E.

Jeffersonville, IN

"Great service! See you again soon."

Melissa P.

Jeffersonville, IN

"I could not be more satisfied with your service!"

Jean L.

Clarksville, IN

"It was so comforting to see pics of my happy dog and cat posted on Facebook while I was away! Then, to come home to a card with pictures AND homemade treats was the icing on the cake!"

Lori J.

Floyds Knobs, IN

"Love the treats with updates and pictures. The welcome home card was great!"

Paula B.

Jeffersonville, IN

"This was absolutely the best for Jesse. My little guy was able to comfortably stay home while I was out of town. I didn't worryabout him all week. I knew he was in good hands. I will defintely recommend Annie Lou's Pet Sitting Service to any pet owner."

Susanna A.

Sellersburg, IN

"A.L.P.S.S. is awesome! What a relief to be able to travel and know your pets are well cared for!"

Kerri H.

Louisville, Ky

"Thank you for providing these services! Couldn't be happier to know we have reliable, trustworthy and capable care for my high-maintenance pets."

Jenny D

Jeffersonville, IN

"You ladies are wonderful! We will definately use your services again."

Deb K.

Jeffersonville, IN

"Awesome service! We felt comfortable knowing our girl was being loved on while we were gone! Thank you so much! 

Lindsay C.

Louisville, KY

"So happy I found your service! I long longer worry when I have to travel."

Zola V.

Louisville, KY

"Our entire family looked forward to the text updates during our trip!We felt completely comforatable leaving the country knowing Sookie was well cared for! Returning home  to the adorable card was a nice treat and Sookie loved the dog treats gift. Thank you again."

Kim S.

Sellersburg, IN

"Laura and Anne were wonderful. The photos and texts throughout the week made my vacation more relaxing knowing my animals were taken care of. Heck, you all took care of 14 dogs and didn't go running away!"

Elizabeth S.

Jeffersonville, IN

" The picture booklet was a nice addition to service.  I thank you for the daily updates on our dogs, that way we were able to know the dogs were well taken care of. Thanks for the great job."

Steve & Ann S.

Jeffersonville, IN

Thanks so much!  Included $25 tip in fee. Can't thank you enough!

Nancy S. Jeffersonviille, IN

Thanks for taking such good care of the critters! The card was a super cute touch.  Sorry about the confusion regarding our arrival home.Everybody was just fine when we got home.


Jeffersonville, IN

This was so much nicer than a kennel. We all love you and the services you provide.We plan to tell everyone we know with pets about you!

Jessica B. 

New Albany, IN

Had a wpnderful experience! Loved all the updates and pics!  Loved the cute card when we got home!

Brooke D.

Sellersburg, IN

Could not be more pleased with the care our pets received. I appreciate the text and updates, pictures and welcome home were all great! I highly recommend Annie Lou's.

Donna C.

Sellersburg, IN